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Semi-automatic Line

Semi-automatic Solar PV Frame Production Line is an economic type processing line. We develop this type of Production Line for customers who don’t have the large workshop size and output quantity. Semi-auto Line is including Solar Aluminum Frame Cutting Line, Solar PV Frame Punching Machine, Solar PV Frame Corner Connector Cutting Saw, and Transfer Table.

Solar Aluminum Frame Cutting Line: Can adjust at three cutting degrees for both cutting Long side profile and Short side profile. Automatic feeding profile and out-feeding profile.

Solar PV Frame Punching Machine: Professional solar frame Punching Machine. Extending the working table can complete the punching of the entire frame material at one time. Hydraulic control, stable punching pressure.

Solar PV Frame Punching Machine is necessary machine for making solar PV Aluminum Frame. Solar PV Frame Punching Machine can be installed several sets of punching die on working table. Solar PV Frame Punching Machine can punch all the necessary holes on one piece of solar frame profile in one time. The punching die will be made according to different profile. Easy to replace punching die on Solar PV Frame Punching Machine, and easy to operate with high efficiency and precision.

Solar Aluminum Frame Cutting Line is used for cutting solar PV Aluminum Frame Profile automatically. Aluminum Frame Cutting Line is feeding profile automatically and 3 cutting degrees adjustable.
Compare with the single head and double head cutting saw, Aluminum Frame Cutting Line is more advantage. Aluminum Frame Cutting Line controlled by CNC system and servo system the feeding and cutting is more precision. And the cutting scrap length is more shorter. The cutting degree position is more precision. Aluminum Frame Cutting Line can cut several pieces of profile in one time.

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